Your online service business meticulously crafted so you can get back to (or start) working with clients as you travel the world.


You're stellar at what you do.


You can do it from anywhere.



So what’s stopping you?


You're a sophisticated solopreneur. But you're struggling as a freelancer and know there has to be a better way. You might have a website.. but it's not exactly a process-oriented business. Your life could use some order and boundaries. Unfortunately, you don't really have a niche or packaged services so you're chasing clients or justifying your rates.

We can both agree money doesn't buy class. But with a five star business, it can buy your freedom.

"Five star businesses boast an internal compass oblivious to the noise and trends of the world. They revel in their own
'true north'
which is as timeless as their values."

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Meet the world's first and only Concept Concierge™, Nicole.

As the founder and Concept Concierge™ of 10 Carat Creations, I provide an unprecedented level of service to location independent solopreneurs like yourself. The perks of an online business are many, but so are the obstacles to having a successful one. Between setting up a website, packaging your services and positioning your brand it's a lot to think about when all you want to do is provide your five star service while you travel and finally quit those bad clients! With the right facets of a business in place, travel and work can co-exist together beautifully. There is nothing more spectacular than taking control of your lifestyle, and it starts with a strong foundation made for a Tycoon.

My elevated credentials include:

  • Three years in Squarespace's award-winning Customer Operations
  • Experience in NYU's Wasserman Center For Career Development
  • Bachelor's in Media, Culture and Communication from NYU
  • Hundreds of online businesses built
  • Squarespace Circle membership
  • Genuine passion for travel and the freedom that comes with it
  • Founded the Little Diamond Dossier.



I am in love with my business! Nicole did everything from design to graphics to copy and I literally could not have asked for a better experience. She took my business information and ran with it to create a unique, one of a kind brand and client process that has everyone talking.

The way she packaged my services is genius and my clients absolutely love the simplicity. Nicole really "got me" and my business.

I can't imagine trusting anyone else to make such sweeping changes to my life and livelihood.

Ilene Miller, M.S. Ed. Educational Consultant & Special Needs Advocate


You're two steps away from a business that sparkles.

Does all of this sound like you? If so, learn the exact methodology I use to craft five star businesses. If you love the framework I live by, you can schedule a Concept Concierge™ appointment for a custom business concept or schedule an Atelier Appraisal™ for your existing business.

If not, a lady never tells.


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