10 Carat Creations meticulously crafts every facet of your online presence, masterfully translating human excellence through luxury branding and web design for high-end service businesses and high-profile personalities.


You're stellar at what you do.

You’re ready to start or refine the service business of your dreams.

10 Carat Creations serves highly skilled entrepreneurs who are starting or re-designing their service business that caters to a discerning clientele.

"Five star businesses boast an internal compass oblivious to the noise and trends of the world. They revel in their own
'true north'
which is as timeless as their values."

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I am in love with my business! Nicole did everything from design to graphics to copy and I literally could not have asked for a better experience. She took my business information and ran with it to create a unique, one of a kind brand and client process that has everyone talking.

The way she packaged my services is genius and my clients absolutely love the simplicity. Nicole really "got me" and my business.

I can't imagine trusting anyone else to make such sweeping changes to my life and livelihood.

Ilene Miller, M.S. Ed. Educational Consultant & Special Needs Advocate



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