Do your business cards match your site? They should.


Brand awareness is a fancy term a lot of large companies (think Coca Cola, Target, Nike) spends millions of dollars on each year. It's why they shove their logo in your face on TV, on billboards, during your Spotify playlist, in banner ads and more. Several small businesses and individuals don't have the luxury of spending as much as $100 on advertising, forget about millions. But you do have one easy task at your disposal: matching your business cards to your website.

This means using the same color scheme, your logo and maybe even recognizable graphics or fonts that mirror your website. Why? Because it creates a cohesive "brand" and a recognizable look. The more consistent you appear to visitors or customers the easier it is for them to remember you. 

Too many people make the mistake of choosing a generic template on Vistaprint and calling it a day. If you spend so much time and money on a website, why throw all that away with the first impression you give? If your business card isn't catchy, what makes you think they'll make it to your website?

Now that you understand the basics of a business card:

  • Logo
  • Same Color Scheme/Graphics
  • Contact Info
  • Website

... you might ask what's the best stock to have it printed on?

The answer isn't always the fanciest or most expensive. You might opt for glossy if your card is graphics-heavy or contains a photo. A thicker stock is ideal for text-only cards, because it leaves room for embossing.

Less is always more. Choose one or two elements that pop (like a glossy sheen for a color picture) and keep the rest simple.

I offer complimentary business card designs to all my clients. Just mention you need business cards designed in addition to your website and your wish is my command. 


Nicole Faith