Don't like Stripe?



Currently, Squarespace's only integrated payment processor is great for a lot of reasons: it's user-friendly, their rate is the standard 2.9% plus $.30, two day transfers etc...

No Stripe account is needed, just any major credit card. That said, maybe Stripe isn't the payment processor for you. Better to find out sooner rather than later, right?

What are some reasons you shouldn't use Stripe?

  1. If what you sell is prohibited. Their TOS is very strict and specific.
  2. If you need PayPal for your customers.
  3. If Squarespace's commerce platform doesn't have the features you want. For example, customizable downloads, auto variants etc.…
  4. If you require recurring payments (As of November 16th, 2016 this is a non-existent feature. Hopefully this will change soon!)

Don't fret! You can still use Squarespace for your site (ooo la la so pretty!) and have me embed your preferred payment processor if they offer an embed code. 

Some Options (I love options!)

Ideal for: Subscriptions
While we hope recurring payments are coming down the pike for Squarespace, MoonClerk is a solid super easy to use payment processor for products like subscription boxes, membership to a club, or a monthly service.

Ideal for: Digital Goods
While Squarespace lets you sell digital products, Gumroad is a good alternative if you require a more robust selling experience and certain features (like "pay what you want", license keys, or rentals).

Ideal for: Anything! Specifically, a customer base super comfortable and loyal to Paypal.
There is an astounding number of Squarespace customers that require Paypal for their customers. Paypal's reputation precedes itself, as does it's familiarity, security and paying options.

All of these payment processors offer an embed code, which can be dropped into a Squarespace site by me. If you used a third party processor (like the ones above) you would probably bypass the "Products Page" of Squarespace and instead set your products up on Regular Pages. This is entirely unique to your situation- some of you may be able to hide the "Add the Cart" button on Squarespace's Product Pages and plop the third party "Buy" button in there. For others, this wouldn't make sense. During our consultation, we discuss how you expect your customers to pay and your available options.

Edit: PayPal is now an available form of payment on Squarespace sites!

Nicole Faith