How do I know my website needs an update?


Do people say information is hard to locate on your site? Are you embarrassed to direct people to your website? Is your domain easy to remember? Were you overwhelmed by the idea of building your own site and settled for something blah or basic?

These are all good indicators that your site could use a tune-up. Your online presence is more important than you think. Whether you have a business, blog or portfolio, your website should showcase you in the best light. If your visitors get frustrated or overwhelmed just poking around the site, you’re less likely to make a sale or be contacted. 

Would you leave the house for an interview in stained pajamas and no make-up? I don’t think so. Don’t let the excuse of “I’m doing just fine without a nice site” prevent you from putting your best pixel forward. A poorly designed and horrendously organized site leaves only one outcome-  turned off customers.

You don’t need all the bells and whistles of trendy web design to have a site you’re proud of. I will say though that the more creative the presentation and content, the longer someone will stay.

It’s like window shopping. If they like what they see, they will go in and look around some more. Once they’re interested, they will inquire. There’s your real opportunity to shine! But if your barrier to entry is so high, just forget about them.

Hallmarks of a good website include:

  • Apparent name, purpose and contact information
  • Clear and easy to find navigation
  • Design that speaks to the brand and audience
  • Working links
  • Something uniquely "you" that visitors can't easily forget
  • Mobile responsive (meaning it looks good on all devices)

Didn't tick all the boxes? I can help!

Nicole Faith