How much is too much when it comes to pop-ups?


Visit almost any site (e-commerce especially) and you'll be accosted within 10 seconds for a coupon for 10% off your first order.. if you sign up for their newsletter. Who doesn't love a good deal? I love to save money and that initial discount eases the soul. But after you've entered your email you are greeted with a chat window that popped up, share buttons on the side and a call to enter in a contest with #hastag on Instagram.

What happened to the point of the website- to shop?
Some might say all these things enhance the shopping experience but I don't agree.

They detract from a pleasant user experience because the focus is on everything but the merchandise. Deliver a stellar product, shopping experience and customer service and your "tribe" will form organically.

If you are looking to plaster your site with banner ads, accost the customer every five seconds with an opt-in or have a share button on every single page- it's safe to say I'm not the designer for you.

I'm not exactly a minimalist but I do believe less is more when it comes to a visitor's overall experience. If someone likes your site, they will seek out a newsletter to join. You want to make them say "Wow!" to your content, and not "Wow, how annoying" to your pop-ups. Forgoing obtrusive pop-ups goes a long way in building trust and credibility with your customers. You won't reek of desperation by hounding them and instead will allow them to browse peacefully, with a clear mind and give your products their full attention.

If someone doesn't like your products to begin with, they won't like them any more with a 20% off coupon. 


Nicole Faith