How to choose a Squarespace template.


So you decided to build a website and hire me for the job. (Thank you by the way!) Your first question is: "What Squarespace template should I use?"

Templates are just framework. Demo content is replaceable. This means if you see a template under the "Business" category with filler content for a fake business but you don't have a business- you can still use it. The Template Police won't knock on your door and cite you for fraud. Templates shouldn't be chosen based on demo content, they should be chosen based on functionality. Any template can be used for any purpose- it's up to the web designer (me) to choose one with the functions you need. For example, if you are creating a blog and must have a sidebar or you'll die, not all templates come with a sidebar. If you really like parallax scrolling, there are a few options. It's not the content that matters, but how you want the content displayed and to work.

The Shibori template shows a painter in the demo content, but that doesn't mean it's the only template an artist can use. A web designer familiar with all the templates is the best person to make the template decision. Because ultimately, you don't want your site looking like the default anyway! While you can change templates as often as you like, design elements like fonts aren't carried over. I don't recommend changing templates often because doing so requires a bit of a re-design.

So you should think about the features you need vs. want. A common misconception is that you can only sell products on the "Commerce" templates- false! All templates comes with the ability to sell. However, not all have an ideal Product Page with quick view, zoom, multiple display options etc..

Depending on what you're selling, you'll want to choose a template with the appropriate features.

Mainly, you'll just want to look at how the site moves. Do you like the flow of it? The placement of navigation? The way galleries work? Don't feel overwhelmed by all the options, because most templates are similar to others in functionality and features. 

Hopefully you don't feel as far down the template rabbit hole as you were before!

Nicole Faith