No question is stupid.


It's not uncommon for clients to be intimidated by the techy-ness of what I do and the tools I use. Squarespace can seem like a beast to you when it's more of a fluffy bunny to me. I have the experience, sure, but I also have the explanations to back it up. Which means you shouldn't shy away from asking questions to satisfy your curiosity or understanding of websites, SEO, or Squarespace. If I use a term you don't know, speak up. I guarantee no question is stupid.

You do need to understand how your site works to an extent, and I'll be the first to admit Squarespace is nuanced. You don't need to be familiar with the platform to even have me build your site though- I cover all the basics like editing, making changes, and how you get to XYZ when we work together. I end our three weeks together with a bunch of instructional and educational videos recorded for your site only that you can reference again and again. Watching the general tutorials on Squarespace's Help site can be confusing since the site they use is never yours!

That said, please feel better about yourself right now by knowing (and I know!) there is always someone who knows less than you. I guarantee it. Whether you are just getting comfortable with your smartphone or you went to school for graphic design, there is always opportunity to learn more and so the scariness of the "unknown" shouldn't scare you away from asking questions. Asking questions doesn't make you stupid- but not asking any questions (when you clearly don't understand!) is a dumb move. I regularly explain terms or concepts multiple times in different ways for my clients to feel like they really grasp it. Everyone learns differently, and I personally tend to ask a TON of questions if I'm unfamiliar with a topic. It's not a sign of weakness- it's a sign of strength.

I want you to feel comfortable and confident in your applicable Squarespace and tech knowledge. If you want to bypass having me design your website and instead want to do it yourself, I offer tutoring sessions that allow you to master the platform and make your dream website happen.

Aaaaand breathe.

Nicole Faith