Signs of an Incompetent Web Designer


1. They don't even spell Squarespace correctly.

They say "SquareSpace" or "Square Space"or any similar combination. 

2. The links on their own site are broken.

This can include links to portfolio sites, an email link that doesn't open a new email etc..

3. Messy URLs

Clean urls are ones that are easy for Google to understand, represent the page content appropriately and aren't ten words long.

For example, is a clean url. is not.

 If their url is, just run the other way.

4. They promise they can do everything without questions.

No matter how good you are, there are always going to be limitations when working in Squarespace to a degree. It's important to know the scope of the project upfront before confirming what's possible.

5. They just "fell into designing Squarespace sites".

I'm sorry, but no matter how much you're "self-taught", it doesn't compare to the depth of my knowledge (as a former employee of the company) or someone who's trained in the area. A person who designs for fun isn't a serious web designer.

6. They call you "babe" and say "ya know" in their copy.

Personally, I find it demeaning when so called professionals use lax language. This is especially true for "brand coaches". You shouldn't be talked down to- you're an intelligent person yourself. In the hopes of appearing to relate to you, they use insulting language that insinuates you're totally clueless. I believe my clients are educated consumers and business people. I'm not a #bossbabe, I'm just really good at what I do, can run my own business and don't need a "girl gang" to hold me up. I'm relatable, but not unprofessional. I'm all for supporting women, but in a tasteful manner.

7. They have four million other jobs.

They "coach", they write books, they have a resource library, they do speaking engagements, they have retreats.. When you do more than one thing, it means you're not very good at any of it. Stay clear. My expertise is brand building by designing websites on Squarespace in full. I'm creative which means your customer-catching skills go up tenfold. (I also create beautiful wedding websites for lucky engaged couples) I work in a limited scope: design, content creation and brand strategy. They are all in the same realm. If I started offering piano lessons, I hope you would be skeptical.


Nicole Faith