Service Products now offer quantity.


Previously on Squarespace, you couldn't offer "quantity" for Service Products.  "Quantity" was only available to Physical Products. This means if you sold a service (like spots in a class, coaching sessions, housecleaning..), to buy more than one you would need to add it to the cart multiple times instead of selecting a quantity and clicking "Add to Cart" once. 

If you've been on Squarespace and ran into this issue then you know how much a pain it was. It also acted as a huge deterrent to customers who weren't savvy enough to to add more than one to the cart. It created extra work for buyers and it's common sense to provide an easy shopping experience to make the most moolah.

Now, you can add as many of the product as you like in one click. Here's an example from Ilene B. Miller's website:


Having a quantity option for advocacy, tutoring, or consulting sessions just makes sense! I'm glad Squarespace finally added this option. Get your party pants on because this is one for the ages!

Nicole Faith