Why Creativity Matters


Let's be real- we like to be entertained. Maybe it's your fave radio station blaring on the way to work or an interactive public art piece- there's no denying the funner something is the more we engage with it and the less our day sucks.

Now, think about how many websites you look at in a day, week, month. Does anything about them stick out to you (besides "her font was kinda pretty")?

If you want to stand out (in a good way) then it's worth chatting with me to jive out ideas on how own your brand image and voice.

There's nothing worse than not changing the default fonts on a template or using a template as an exact execution for your site. Squarespace templates are just the beginning, and when you are creative enough to realize that, the sky is the limit.

Creative websites are more memorable and usually interactive to some degree. Don't be the one with the website your visitors barely remember. Be the one with the website they can't stop talking about.

Nicole Faith