Why I Don't Write Copy That's "Trendy"


I don't subscribe to trendy language. 

Copywriting that includes "Join our girl squad", "Make the party lit" or any variation of "on point" minimizes the brand to nothing so that ultimately you look and sound like every other company trying to capitalize on the exact same language by showing you're "with it". After awhile, nothing differentiates you. You're not better than your competitors.

True branding is reflective of you and the brand you have. It should be timeless, and not rely on trends. If you sell funky jewelry for example, you should be focusing on conveying what's special about your jewelry, why they should buy it and maybe what it does for them and others. This can be something like "handmade with seashells hand picked from the shore and painted for a one of a kind oceanic statement" NOT "Get complimenting necklaces for your girl squad."

Feeding into society's "cool" things and words really just makes you lame. 

How many times have you seen a teenager describe a party as lit, their squad on point or this tee-shirt as woke? It all sounds the same. And it's boring. 

True branding is original, classic and means something. It uses words not pulled from an Instagram post or Snapchat story. 

If you want to look, sound and act like everyone else.. you are a follower. 

I only work with leaders.

Nicole Faith