How To Build A Lead Generating Quiz With Interact

Do you love quizzes? They’re irresistible. You just can’t help but crave validation or more info on your favorite person- you!

Mz. Quiz, the most fabulous handheld quiz game

Mz. Quiz, the most fabulous handheld quiz game

True story: I had (and still have) an interactive handheld quiz game when I was a child. It is shaped like a question mark and called Mz. Quiz. I spent hours taking the numerous (read: like 10) quizzes on the device that made funny sounds and played monotone songs when I arrived at my answer.

With cute, colorful buttons to press A, B or C, I needed it to tell me I was more girly than sporty (even though I already knew it) and that I should shop at the mall.

Quizzes reinforce what we already know and think of ourselves. And since we’re the center of the universe, it’s no surprise they are used as lead magnets.

A lead magnet is something that pulls website visitors in and helpfully nudges them to give you their email address for the almighty mailing list.

Mailing lists aren’t essential to having an online business, but it can make selling your products or service a lot easier which is why everyone and their business mentor goes crazy for lead generation strategies.

The consensus is: the bigger your mailing list, the more people you can sell to.

But obviously, you want the people on your mailing to be interested in what you’re selling, and not just handing over their email for a freebie and then promptly unsubscribing (like I’ve done on so many occasions).

So how do you capture people interested in your business with a fun, engaging quiz?

You use Interact!

What Is Interact?

Interact is a quiz builder that drops into your website.

Interact offers several kinds of quizzes including personality (like what’s your work style?), assessment (like an actual quiz where you’re graded), and scored (where each answer earns points and your point range = your result).

They also have polls and giveaways. If you’ve ever taken a viral quiz online, it was probably hosted on Interact.

To make it easy, Interact has templates for quizzes you can select and plug your content into. However, I didn’t select a template because for me, starting from scratch was easier. Templates are great if you need an example of questions and answers while you’re writing your quiz.


I personally find irrelevant content distracting, so I wrote all of my content before even setting up my quiz.

Before the quiz begins, the quiz cover page is shown. you can add a picture and customize the call-to-action that’s set to “TAKE THE QUIZ”.


The best feature, I think, is that you can hide the cover page and show the first question automatically. That’s what I chose to do because it gets rid of one extra click (the TAKE THIS QUIZ button) which in turn begins engagement immediately. You see the question and answers staring at you and feel compelled to answer. And before you know it.. you’ve taken the whole quiz!


To hide the cover page, you want to click PUBLISH in the upper right when you’re completely done with the quiz. You’ll want to save your changes, then you’re given options on how to display the quiz (above). Pick how you want to display it. I chose “embed”. Once you select one, you will see the code and display options. The last section lets you enable or disable the cover page. Choose “Disabled” (below).


How do you write questions for your quiz?

Before you should worry about implementing another tech thing, you need to come up with the content of your quiz. So I’m going to walk you through how I created my quiz.

I knew I wanted my quiz to revolve around my products- A Concept Concierge™ appointment, Business With A Bow™, Jet Set Business Prep™ and the Little Diamond Dossier. Since all of my products appeal to different kinds of personalities, I wrote my questions for a personality quiz, with each product having a different answer.

I knew I wanted a personality quiz because there’s no wrong way to build a business- I just wanted to highlight the best way for each type of person.

In other words, I worked backwards. I wanted the end result to be a recommendation for one of my 4 products, so I made a chart with each product and the traits a buyer of that product should have.

For example, under Concept Concierge appointment, I wrote:

  • Possibly tech-phobic

  • Time-crunched

  • Prefers one-on-one assistance

Under Jet Set Business Prep™ I wrote:

  • Hand-ons

  • Prefers writing and mapping everything out themselves

  • Methodical

Then I wrote each result’s summary (below). It’s important to create your results BEFORE writing the questions for your quiz.


I then created questions and answers that reflected the traits of each result. I mapped each answer to the correlating result (above).

You want to ask questions that are telling, so my first question is:

What has prevented you from building a business?

The answers speak to the type of solopreneur they are and indicate which product would make the most sense for them.

My hope is to encourage further exploration of the product suggested, since the recommendation is tailored based on their answers.

Need further help writing your questions and results? Interact has a great in-depth guide here that highlights how you can create your content.

My goal was two-fold:

1) Collect their email

2) Have them read more about the product recommended right away

Prior to implementing this quiz, I already had a popular email course called You’re A Tycoon: Five Steps To A Five Star Business. To simplify things (for myself and visitors), I removed the email course signup and point everyone to the quiz where they can sign up and receive the course tailored to their answers. So a quiz gives them instant gratification, whether or not they decide to subscribe to my list.

If they subscribe, they get more information about their result plus a personal version of my email course where they are taught how to build a five star business. I give away my entire methodology so they don’t need to spend a penny if they want to do it on their own. So signing up to my list is immensely valuable by itself, even if they never buy anything.

If they don’t subscribe, they still get to learn the best way to go about building their business based on their personality.

So after they read about which 10 Carat Creations product best suits them and why, there’s a call to action button encouraging them to click it and be taken to the product’s specific page.


How to collect emails- the tech stuff

You can definitely use Interact as a fun quiz and leave it at that. But the main idea is to generate leads.. aka email addresses! So how did I do it?

I used to use MailChimp because of it’s simplicity but I’ve become disenchanted with their interface and lack of support. So I moved to Drip and really love it.

Interact integrates with all the major email software like MailChimp, Drip etc..

Hooking up your quiz isn’t as tricky as it seems. I use tags in Drip to segment my lists, so for each result I created a new tag in Interact.


Then, in Drip I created an automation that subscribes them to a campaign when a specific tag has been added. This is what the workflow automation looks like in Drip (below). When someone gets the Jet Set Business Prep result, they are tagged in Interact and sent the appropriate campaign (series of automated emails).


Where do you put your quiz on your website?

Interact has several options for quiz placement. You can add it as a pop-up, a banner across the top of your site or embedded on your page like the rest of your content.

I decided to embed my quiz on the homepage as the first thing you see. Why? Because most people don’t scroll down- they either look and leave or click something in the navigation. This is pretty common for all websites. People’s attention spans are not what they used to be! Everything “above the fold” (what they see when your page loads without having to scroll) is THE most important.

What the quiz looks like on my homepage.

What the quiz looks like on my homepage.

After you’ve answered all the questions, I politely ask for your email address- and make it fun for you to decline.

After you’ve answered all the questions, I politely ask for your email address- and make it fun for you to decline.

I wanted to pull people in right away, and I despise pop-ups.

I actually put the quiz on 2 pages- the homepage, and another page:

I did this so I had a direct url to the quiz to link to. I can technically link to the quiz directly on Interact’s platform, but it doesn’t have the same polish or finesse as being on my actual website.

Embedding a quiz on your site is super easy too- they give you the code and you just copy and paste. On Squarespace, you can just drop it into a Code Block.

A quiz is something to promote and direct people too. It’s akin to an amusement park giving out free rides of a certain attraction to encourage you to spend more time in the park.

I only promoted my quiz on LinkedIn so far, but I plan on it being a mainstay for 10 Carat Creations so a lot of promotion isn’t needed. When anyone comes to my site, it’s the first thing they see.


My Results

With my quiz being up for a few weeks, I’ve received several leads.

Interact shows you the amount of views compared to starts, completions and leads. Since my quiz is on my homepage where there’s other content, I’m not surprised only a few completed it since they could have gotten distracted. But to me, it’s important to have it seen first thing rather than only on a separate page.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I love quizzes and wish I had discovered Interact sooner. Writing quiz content is fun (for me!) and really forces you to get in your customer’s head.

I’m always advising clients on the best lead generator for their business (ebook, freebie, email course, quiz..) and feel like quizzes get them the most excited. If you enroll in Jet Set Business Prep™, you’ll get an in-depth tutorial on creating a lead generating quiz in Interact along with everything else needed to craft your five star online business.

I have never shared an affiliate link because I’m very selective in who and what I recommend. My standards are very high and my short list very short, so I’m overjoyed to share the benefits of Interact (affiliate link) because I’ve seen the results for myself. People love quizzes and don’t think of them as spammy, unlike some other lead generation activities like freebies/desperate pop-ups. When you click my Interact link, please accept their cookies so they can track you came from me!

When done right, a quiz can welcome new website visitors with open arms and indulge their self-centered tendencies to create instant interest in what you’re selling. A quiz bridges the gap between you and potential customers in such a relatable way they don’t feel marketed to. Which, let’s be honest, is the whole point!

Nicole Faith