Introducing.. Business With A Bow™.

Have you ever wished you could just step into a really awesome business and make it yours?

Have you ever discovered another solopreneur's business and thought "Wow- that's a great idea!"?

Are you tired of freelancing because you spend all your time searching for and pitching clients?

Have you ever complained about your lack of creativity when it comes to building a business?

Like, you're amazing at what you do.. you just wish everyone else saw you in the same light?

But you don't want to deal with the "getting everything set up" frustrations most solopreneurs deal with at the beginning?

I hear you. It stinks knowing you're capable of charging premium prices with a five star business because your work is stellar, but not having the resources to put the elements together. Things like a logo, a website, copy and packaged services. Or not knowing if what you have already created is good enough.

You are sooo close.. but still short.

You can't travel the world until your business is up and running with processes and e-commerce, but you are dying to take on premium clients and command respect.

This week, I'm introducing something brand new and never-seen-before to the world:

Business With A Bow™

A Business With A Bow™ is an original pre-made online service business that's ready-to-wear and waiting for you to fill in the blanks so you can jumpstart your location independence.

It's a one-of-a-kind concept that goes live after you've customized it and gets you to the 99% mark of becoming location independent. You put in the remaining 1% and then can take on premium clients immediately.

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I realized many people don't know what they want specifically until they see it right in front of them.

You might describe a feeling, concept or inspiration but often the reality of that doesn't match up to what's in your head.

This is how I shop too- I know it when I see it. Often I visit a store just to browse and walk away with something even more fantastic than I ever could have dreamed up.

So I thought if I make decisions like this, surely others do too?

How amazing would it be if you could take home a business that has everything you need to be a Tycoon by opting out of the years-long struggle to get up and running?

I also realized I have this long-time nerdy hobby of making up pretend businesses (logo, website, services and all) that could be real but never did anything with them..until now.

While clients who want a completed custom concept from A to Z like seeing it come to life in a Concept Concierge appointment, a lot of solopreneurs would be just as happy skipping that step and jumping straight to picking a concept already created instead.

In short, I supply the business, you supply the services.

I don't take a cut. You own it 100%.

Interested in going from trapped to traveling the world?

Learn more about Business With A Bow ™ and sign up to gain early access when it officially launches.


Nicole Faith