It’s Cheaper To Live In Hotels. Here's Why.

Eloise at The Plaza. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Living in a hotel is a far-fetched fantasy of kids and adults around the world.

We grow up thinking hotel living is for the rich, then promptly bury our head in the sand.

College. Job. Work. 401K. Work. Save. Work. Rent. Work. Buy Home. Take 2 week vacation a year. Work. Retire.

You savour your vacations when things like maid service, room service and indoor pools give you a reprieve from your maid-less, Butler-less and pool-less residence back home.


I’m here to tell you that hotel living is no longer a dream.

It’s a reality within your reach.

And while some bah-humbugs will argue what I’m saying makes no sense and/or is too much work, they will live a maid-less life right where they are because they have no imagination or motivation.

You, however, deserve to live in a hotel if that’s what you want. And here’s the perfect argument to get you there.

When you add up all the costs of your current living situation (renting or owning) it’s probably a lot. And if owning property isn’t a must-have, renting costs could be put towards hotels as you work while you travel.


Renting Costs Usually Include:

  • rent

  • electric

  • gas

  • heat

  • water

  • cable

  • internet

  • amenities fee

  • furniture

  • kitchenware

  • decorations

  • essentials (towels, toilet paper, paper towels, plastic cutlery)

  • cleaning supplies

  • toiletries

  • cleaning services

  • laundry


Owning Costs Include All Of The Above Plus:

  • appliances (fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher)

  • maintenance (fixing, snow removal, lawn care..)

  • lawnmowers, vacuums etc..

  • taxes

  • updating (if an appliance breaks, it’s not fixed for you)

You spend so much time cleaning, coddling and decorating your home that you lose out precious hours that could be spent doing something you love out of the house.

Unless decorating makes you happy- that’s totally admirable if you have the chops. But if it doesn't, you give yourself more work.

Added bonus:

You don’t get perks for paying your rent or mortgage.. other than a continued roof over your head.

But booking hotel stays easily gains you cash back and/or points that save you money in the long run. Especially if you use a co-branded hotel credit card. You can easily get a month of hotel stays free with continued usage.

In Manhattan, you can get a reasonably clean, albeit closet small studio for $4,000/month. Not including the cost of furnishing, cleaning, and up-keeping of course.

$4,000, however, can get you a fabulous room in many hotels around the world for the same 30 days. And if you split that with a significant other? It’s a bargain. Not to mention, a five star business gives you control over your income. If $4,000 seems like a lot to you, it won't be.

What you spend on a commute can instead be spent on travel costs. Isn't it time you kissed rush-hour traffic and disgusting turnstiles goodbye?

Hotel Costs Usually Include:

  • room

  • tax

  • laundry

You don’t pay for toilet paper.

You don’t pay for extra long showers.

You don’t pay for appliances.

You don’t pay for cleaning products.

You don’t pay for maintenance.

You don’t pay for amenities. I’m looking at you Pool!

Your gym membership is eliminated.

Laundry can be done a few ways:

  • By hotel staff as a service

  • By you at the hotel laundry room

  • By you at a laundromat

  • By a service that picks up and drops off in the neighborhood

Hotels keep guest laundry rooms in peculiar places. I once did my laundry in the parking garage of a swanky hotel that had a make-shift laundry room in a semi-enclosed area... right next to like 10 Teslas. The things you see!

The benefits are endless…

Networking is free.

You currently might pay to go out and do things your friends or groups want to do.. just so you don’t miss out. You might also pay to attend Meet-Ups, networking groups or be a member of private forums.

At hotels, you can do what YOU want whether it costs money or not and STILL meet new and interesting people all the time.

I don’t go anywhere without my business cards, because no matter someone’s title, everyone is important and deserves the same respect.

It’s easy to assume your Uber driver just drives as his main gig and won’t be interested in furthering his career. But time and time again, my Uber drivers strike up a conversation with me and get really excited about my business. They want an online business or have a friend/family member who wants one. So I give them my card.

You’d be surprised at how many potential clients there are just about everywhere.

Without being overly pushy and self-serving, you can very quickly and easily get your business into the minds of people all over the world. It’s natural to be asked what you do, and it’s normal to tell them “I run this online business as I travel.”

Don’t shy away from pooling when ride-sharing! I’ve met some really nice people by sharing a ride too.

Living in hotels also means you become quite cozy with the staff. Who better to know about your business and recommend it to others? Hotel staff meet people from all walks of life, it’s like having a mini football team on your side.

And let’s not forget about your fellow guests! No matter what you do, the idea of working online as you travel is still relatively new and interesting to many. So even if you’re in a field that most might consider “boring” like accounting, it’s much easier to discuss when you have that element of travel thrown in. Your companion’s ears perk up and you’re off to the races.

Obviously, soliciting and harassing hotel staff, drivers or others into taking your card, recommending your business or even listening to what you have to say is a big No No.

But your exposure to new and different people goes up when you live in hotels as you travel.

But your exposure to new and different people goes up when you live in hotels as you travel.

Quite a change compared to that nosy neighbour of yours who does nothing but steal your mail.

Eliminate Repetitive Costs

So you pay rent or a mortgage, and you decide to go on vacation. You’re paying for vacation in addition to your mortgage and rent.

Your home is sitting empty while you’re having the time of your life at an all-inclusive resort. You can’t put your gym membership on hold for two weeks or not have your lawn landscaped.

Being responsible for two places is a waste of money.

Especially when living in a hotel affords you the option of choosing to be in “work” mode or “vacation” mode- all without leaving the city you’re currently in.

Hotel living isn’t as far-out as you might have previously assumed. All you need is an online business, a willingness to think out of the box and a zest for adventure.

Whatever you make monthly, think about how that could be spent if you didn’t have to typical monthly bills associated with rent or a home.

If you didn’t pay a cleaning girl weekly, you could afford a massage.

If you didn’t pay for cable, you could take a one-time class or workshop for fun. Or you can visit a city with the intent of participating in a multi-month long cooking course based on the local cuisine.


Experience More Food.. And Gain Confidence

With a home, you have a kitchen.

(Maybe not if you live in NYC though! You’re lucky if you have a full fridge.)

You buy pots and pans and dishes and gadgets to look pretty on your countertops.

Even if you hate cooking.

Even if food shopping makes you want to stab the cashier with an unused fork.

Even if you insist your mother not spend money on a spiralizer you won’t use.

Being limited in kitchen supplies means you can eat out and take-out until your heart's content. All the money you save without paying for utilities and amenities can be put towards eating something you actually want instead of that day-old peanut butter and jelly sandwich you whipped up yesterday morning.

If you’re a cook and enjoy making meals or baking, then this might put a damper on your plans to live in a hotel. Because while you can stay in suites with kitchenettes, they are not the norm.

Hotel living gives you permission to collect take-out menus like some people collect bottle caps.

Eating out is one of my favorite parts of traveling, especially because it boosts your confidence if you eat alone. There is definitely a time (Friday night) and place (hotel bed) for some pad-thai right out of the box, but eating at a cafe or diner by yourself can transform you in ways a Tony Robbins seminar can’t.

When you eat alone in a foreign (to you) place, you are required to be assertive and observant. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable eating alone at first, but the more you do it the better you get.

When the server gives you the wrong dish, you have to say “Oh no. That’s not mine. I ordered the..” which seems small, but communicating with strangers (and honestly just communicating at all) raises your confidence and sets you up to be the belle of the barstool.

When you live your life the same every day, it is in a bubble.

When your environment doesn’t change, you notice less.

But when your environment is constantly changing, your eyes and ears are always open. You notice everything and anything. Seeing the world with new eyes, from a just-made bed by someone other than you, is empowering.

And as we all know, empowerment is priceless.

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Nicole Faith