“I’m your bestie” And Other Things You Should NEVER Say To Clients

You are not here to be your client’s friend. You are here to do your thing, get paid and enrich their lives. From there, a meaningful friendship can form with some of your clients.

There’s an epidemic of unprofessionalism running rampant.

If you treat clients and prospective clients like a coffee date, you set the tone for how your business is run. Every impression you make is everything to your brand and reputation.

More and more solopreneurs use lackadaisical language in an effort to appear fun, cool and approachable. I have analyzed hundreds, if not thousands of websites and too many of them fail in this area.

As a curious visitor, when I see anyone touting “I’m like your bestie” I mentally gag and leave their site.

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It’s so unprofessional. When you say things like this, how do you expect for anyone to take you seriously?

You look like a fool. And people will treat you like one too.

It seems everyone has become more casual and standards are at an all-time-low. 

Classics never go out of style. 


Stay Away From Trendy Language

If you’re a beauty consultant that helps women clean up their makeup, for instance, will talking about how “On fleek” or “Lit” their look will be really set you apart from literally anyone else out there saying the exact same thing?

Trendy language has its place in casual conversation, but as a professional, it’s your job to act like one too. I am counting down the days until “Boss Babe” and “Girl Boss” is no longer a part of our language. Huffington Post agrees.

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I also don’t need to be greeted with “Hey Beautiful!” because my self-esteem isn’t in the toilet.

It’s the worst kind of sucking up, and we all know suck-ups only kiss butt because they can’t deliver on anything else.

Not to mention, it comes across as fake and forced.

Don’t Be Condescending

Words like “girlie, hun, honey, and gal” are not appropriate in the business arena. If I’m paying someone to help me who is a supposed expert in their field, I am not looking to be talked down to. This language isn’t comforting- it’s condescending in the worst way. Recycling popular terms not only makes you look dumb, but it calls out your blatant unoriginality if you need the words of others as a crutch.

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Clients deserve to be treated like the intelligent and brilliant individuals they are. A mutual respect is required, and that just doesn’t come from a “gal” paying your invoice.

Treating people like idiots or children (even if they are) is unprofessional. The idiotic people will weed themselves out because your messaging goes over their head. You’re a cut above and they just don’t speak your language.

Trying to be “cute” just makes you look stupid. It’s so much better to put thought and polish into your message. I can spot a fraud a mile away. They use the same terminology everyone else is using, and the worst perpetrators are “business or life coaches for entrepreneurs.” Everyone is a coach these days. They regurgitate the same buzz words and expect you to bow in their presence.

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People don’t respect people desperate to be liked. They reek.

But they do respect people with a solid platform of dignity and grace.


Stop Cursing Already!

For some ungodly reason, I have come across many many solopreneurs who curse frequently on their website, in their materials and when they speak.

As a solopreneur, you should NEVER curse. It’s tacky. It’s unprofessional. And it’s a cop-out. 

There are several other words in the dictionary to choose from- pick one of those.

I don't know what possesses people to curse (frequently or at all) in their professional business. When you curse, that’s an automatic strikeout. Throw a few expletives around the dinner table when you’re debating whatever socially charged topic is en-vogue. But for the love of EVERYTHING, please do not curse for clients.

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It doesn’t make these people relatable. It just turns me (and other premium clients) off. It’s disrespectful. It’s unprofessional. It’s just a big fat NO.

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Act Like The Best And You’ll Attract The Best

True professionals leave a lasting impression. You don’t want people to meet you and think later “Oh my gosh, he/she was super nice!”

You want people to think “Wow- she is awe-inspiring and I want HIM/HER to be the one to help me.”

You should be unapologetically you but in the classiest way possible.

The now-defunct department store SYMS had a great slogan:

“An educated consumer is our best customer."

As a solopreneur, you don’t want to work with just anyone. You want the best customer because you are the best professional.

Why would you want to work with a client who hasn’t taken the time to learn about what you do and ask respectful and intelligent questions?

Use your words, your brain and your integrity.

Don’t try too hard to be liked by everyone. Trying too hard isn’t becoming. 


Make Up Your Own Language

To craft a five star business that people remember, you need to use language unique to you.

Craft original terms and language unique to your business. By naming packaged services, you create a memorable brand that’s easy to remember. I offer Concept Concierge appointments, the first and only of it’s kind. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t remember the name of my products.

Strategically creating a new vocabulary just for your business goes a long way in separating yourself from other wannabes.

There's an entire dictionary of words waiting to be used. Go get them!

Want to command respect and premium prices doing what you're already great at? Take the quiz to find out how your business should be built.

Nicole Faith