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Your Current Dilemma

What are you the best at? Did you ever think you could build a business around your best skills? Are you dying to leave your 9-5? Are you crying yourself to sleep every night because this working for yourself thing is harder than you thought? Is your current job tying you down when you just want to travel while you work?

Freelancing seemed like a good option, until you realized you’re working for clients instead of with them. Not to mention, they dictate what you should be doing instead of letting you do your thing. Your rates are all over the place and you sometimes heavily discount your services based on a client’s whining demand. You know you’re worth so much more, but no one takes you seriously. You feel disposable. 

A remote job seemed like a good option too, except you still have to keep certain hours and don’t have any flexibility. Their rules. Their time. It’s just not yours.

Enter.. a five star business. Imagine commanding respect and premium pricing from clients that look up, not down, to you. Imagine being seen as a top player in your industry, charging high rates and working on your time. Imagine turning clients away because you know they’re not a good fit, and still making rent (and then some) every month.

I noticed there is serious lack of public understanding of what makes up a business so great it collects fan, charges higher rates and still thrives. We get so used to settling for sub-par products, experiences, and customer service that we don't blink an eye. This is what inspired me to create a course diving deep into the core components of a five star business. When you craft a five star business, it automatically elevates you head and shoulders above everyone else.

Interested in changing the way you see your business?

Learn the exact methodology I use to turn entrepreneurs into tycoons that command respect and premium prices doing what you're already great at in my exclusive email course You're A Tycoon: Five Steps To A Five Star Business™.

Nicole Faith