Why Starting A Solo Business Is Easier Than Finding A Job

While building a business isn’t easy, neither is finding a job nowadays. 

Just because you land a job, doesn’t mean you’re happy or satisfied in it.

I think we all strive for big name companies to be a part of, but more times than not, inside the glossy exterior is a hostile, disorganized and crumbling interior.

Just because you work for a well recognized brand doesn’t mean the work environment is welcoming and conducive to doing your life’s best work. It’s like some big secret no one wants to disclose, but it’s never as glamorous as it appears.

I’ve worked at many prestigious companies and nearly all of them contained broken systems, nasty employees and a false air of superiority. Everyone thinks they’re better than you, but they can’t even do their basic job. So many fake smiles, so little time.

Who has time to put up with their BS? Not me. That’s why I became an entrepreneur accidentally while looking for another job I never got.

There's this false idea that someone really important in a higher and more powerful position than you will pluck you from obscurity and everything will change. If only you got the attention of so-and-so. If only you were "approved" by Mr. Big Shot. If only your dream employer would respond to your emails.

Do you really want to live your life waiting on someone else?

Let’s face it- most people hate their jobs. 

Your boss is an idiot. Your boss is nasty. Your boss is too nice and never puts their foot down, which leads to more work for you.

Your coworkers live to gossip. Your coworkers mooch off your work. Your coworkers spend all day on Facebook.

Your management doesn’t know what’s going on. Your management doesn’t care what’s going on. Your management can’t manage squat.

Your commute is too long. Your commute is too short, because you don’t want to get to work so early.

Your break is too short. Your break isn’t short enough when you have to play coochy coo with that annoying coworker. Your break deserves a break.

Your salary sucks. Your salary hasn’t changed in years. Your salary hasn’t changed enough in years. Your salary is the reason you put up with this crap. Your salary is one paycheck away from begging you to quit this job you hate.


Let’s also face it- it’s near impossible to find a job.

Your resume is too short. Your resume is too long. Your resume doesn’t stand out. Your resume was eaten by the HR lady’s computer monster.

Your insurance is nonexistent. Your insurance needs to be paid. Your insurance sucks.

Your applications lost count of themselves. Your applications all look the same. Your applications will never been seen, except by the monster.

Your self-esteem is plummeting. Your self-esteem is diving. Your self-esteem is nonexistent.

Your days are so long. Your days aren’t long enough.

Your Netflix queue is eating you. 

Your interviews are mediocre at best. Your interviews don’t exist. Your interviews are just a dream.

Your dreams are too big. Your dreams aren’t big enough. Your dreams aren’t going anywhere.

Your bank account is empty. Your bank account will soon be empty. Your bank account is negative.


Having or finding a job you love is no longer a viable option. Kiss your hopes of a corner office goodbye and thank your resume writer for not helping at all.

The time has come. Enough is enough. Make your own opportunities by bossing yourself around.

The only person who can tell you what you’re worth is you. The easiest way to start your road to freedom is to sell your services online.

If you hate where you’re at, don’t waste time with recruiters. Put all of your energy into starting your own business. Just don’t call it a side-hustle- the end goal is that this is your full-time gig.


How To Start A Solo Business

There is no perfect day to start. Start today. Start right now. Timelines are helpful once the ball is rolling, but in terms of starting- any excuses you make indicate how likely (or more accurately, not) success will come. If you drag your feet at the very beginning, just by putting off thinking about your business, I can guarantee you won’t make any money. Ever.

There is no formula to exploring your strengths and interests. I do have a methodology for crafting a five star business, but that only works once you’ve identified your skillset.

Don’t jump ahead without honestly evaluating yourself.

Personally, I don’t really like teamwork. I also don’t really like working with more than one client at a time. That small but mighty piece of knowledge led me to only focus on solopreneurs- people who work for themselves, by themselves. They work like I do, and as a result I “get” them. I am more efficient and friendly when I collaborate with a single person. Throw in more than one client and it creates unnecessary delays, confusion, and excessive opinions. That isn’t fun to manage.. for me. It might create a lot of exciting challenges for you though! Honestly evaluating yourself through an objective lens is the only way you can find these things out.

Something else I discovered when crafting my business is that not only am I ace in Squarespace (I did work there for 3 years), but I am in tune to all the myriad ways a Squarespace site can and should be polished. Most web designers totally miss these things, but I know they are the cherry on top and make you look the utmost professional. This emphasis on professionalism is the basis of my business and how I govern every interaction.

This level of detail and attention sets me apart from the hoards of punchy “Hey gal!” types that litter the web design industry.

Discover what you’re great at, and then figure out why you’re so good and different from other people doing the exact same thing. Hook onto that for dear life and market the heck out of it.

There are many web designers who can build a Squarespace website, but I’m the only person who crafts an entire business (concept, packaged services, website, copy, tech) in 1 week so you can take on clients immediately.

I'm also a built-in business coach, but unlike most coaches preaching "clarity", I actually DO the work for you. If you want a business but aren't sure what it should be, why pay someone to ask you questions, get to the bottom of your business.. and then not do anything physically or technically to help you?

In doing this, I give clients what they want but also what they need. They usually want a shiny new website highlighting their skills, but what they need is a fully branded business.

A health coach, for example, might differentiate themselves by focusing on helping people suffering from a particular disorder that they have, or a group of people who lead a certain kind of life. Their reasoning can be a personal one or passion-based one. Either way, it needs to be strong.

Some unique online businesses that have caught my attention recently include:

  • Naturopathic Beauty - Dr. Stacey heals your acne naturally through the inside out. She offers personal coaching (if you're Canadian) or an online course with a 2 month program that clears your skin.

  • 1040Abroad -non-resident American expat Olivier Wagner provides tax filing and advice to fellow American expats, digital nomads and accidental Americans. His services are laid out in a clear, easy to understand way with transparent pricing and processes.

Both of these businesses have one thing in common- either you're super interested because they speak directly to you or you don't care at all.

Because I've struggled with acne for years as a vegan seeking out natural remedies, Dr. Stacey really spoke to me. Her struggles are my struggles and what she sells is something I would have paid 10x more for just a few years ago.

Tax confusion is a standard for digital nomads, so Olivier has a great niche. When you travel outside the USA for most of the year, the right tax professional is worth more than your diamond encrusted watch.

Find Your Business

Spend your commute thinking about what you really hate about your industry. It's okay to be nit-picky. Tear it apart. Then think about what you can do better or different.

You need look only to Craigslist to see all kinds of services people are willing to pay for. Don’t limit your brainstorming to only what you would personally pay for.

As soon as you realize you can take your future into your own hands, your opportunities will be more visible than ever.

Want to command respect and premium prices doing what you're already great at? Take the quiz to find out how your business should be built.

Nicole Faith