The Flagship Course: Jet Set Business Prep™

Tycoons have empires. Your ultimate dream empire might consist of working one on one with clients one day a week, while collecting passive income from an online course and book. Maybe you see yourself speaking at events or teaching workshops. Or maybe you want to focus on passive income with multiple books, courses and services completed by someone other than you that you pay. 

Your empire can be anything you want it to be.

But it won’t be anything if you don’t start at the beginning: providing a tangible service yourself to clients all the time.

All the time doesn’t mean 24/7, and certainly not even 5 days a week. But unfocused energy and plans won’t get you anywhere, which is why an online service business is your first big leap out of the Freelance Circus. 

It’s okay if right now you’ll just be thrilled to make several thousand dollars a month in your pajamas at home, forget about writing a book or anything else. 

We all have to start somewhere. And that somewhere is your online service business. 

It’s the foundation of your empire and the catalyst for your future success. 

But crafting a five star business perfectly the first time around is difficult.  Unless you hire me to do it for you, you will waste precious time fixing, changing and validating. Overwhelmed. Confused. Lost. 

There is so much work involved.. wouldn’t it be nice to have a roadmap?

Building a sophisticated online business isn’t easy, but Jet Set Business Prep™ makes it easier. 

I’m proud to announce Jet Set Business Prep™ as the flagship course of 10 Carat Creations. 

Being a freelancer is so passé.

So sashay over to the Ivy League of online courses and reserve your spot for its inaugural session. 

As yourself: Why shouldn’t you work with clients as you luxuriously travel the world?

Nicole Faith