The Hilton Hotel From Hell- What it’s really like to live at an upscale but under-serviced hotel

If this is the kind of treatment you get at all Hiltons, I bet Paris makes her own arrangements.


I love hotels. You know that. I love great service so much I crafted my “five star business” methodology around how hotels are rated.

Too often, companies don’t address customer issues until they are called out publicly for them- like on social media. Although I am not a fan of social media, it is very good for this. And that’s why I’m both frustrated and excited to share what it’s really like to live in a Hilton hotel.

When you think of living in a hotel- what do you think of? Eloise At The Plaza? The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody? Your expectations and my expectations are probably very similar. Maybe not sliding down the banister or riding the dollies up and down the hallway, but certainly you dream of maid service, fresh sheets everyday and unlimited towels.


Unfortunately, the reality I have experienced at a Hilton is a far cry from an ideal guest stay. My family made a month-long reservation, looking forward to enjoying the amenities and city of Albany, potentially staying for the summer. Instead, we have spent weeks policing the employees, doing manual labour and feeling more like the hired help than a guest. You could turn this into a movie, but at this point I would rather Hilton turn our appalling experience into something positive.

If you ever wondered what really goes on at an ill-run hotel when you live there for more than a night or two, you’ll find this enlightening.






Arriving after a long trip during check in time ready crash in your room.


The room isn’t ready so crash in the lobby with all your belongings for an hour instead.


Receiving a warm welcome because we’re a long-term stay guest.


Receiving a welcome basket days after check-in because they “forgot” we were long-stay and a warm welcome letter from housekeeping 4 days before we’re due to checkout.


Working elevators.


One out of two broken or questionable elevators on a regular basis.


A sofa bed with sheets and blankets.


A sofa bed with no sheets and one gross blanket


Working out in the gym while watching TV on the attached screens.


Working out in silence because the ear jacks are broken.


Paying when you check out.


Being charged without notice or receipt.. every week (!!)


Schmoozing at the free nightly social dinner.


Getting there 20 minutes after it began and there being no food left.


Seeing a basketball court on the property and wanting to play.


The hotel has no balls.


Housekeeping cleaning your room everyday.


Calling for housekeeping because they never showed up and left or lied about servicing your room.



Receiving clean towels everyday.


Housekeeping never showing up and going to the laundry room to wash your own towels


Calling for extra towels and being greeted by housekeeping.


Calling for extra towels and being greeted by the shuttle driver.


The room being cleaned thoroughly by housekeeping on the days they do show up.


Having to ask for towels, toilet paper and a vacuuming through.



Housekeepers cleaning rooms, chefs cooking food, shuttle drivers driving and maintenance doing maintenance.


Housekeepers cooking food, shuttle drivers cleaning rooms, maintenance doing everything else.


100% non-smoking rooms.


Guests smoking right outside every entrance.. even near a woman with an oxygen tank.


Heightened security with visible cameras in hallways.


Cameras in the pool but nowhere else.


Calling the front desk and someone happily picking up.. or picking up at all.


Calling the front desk and it ringing off the hook 32 times on several occasions.


Getting some work done with the free WiFi.


Working on connecting to the WiFi.. and reconnecting .. and reconnecting ..


Getting some shopping done at the sister mall across the street.


Not getting an advertised savings pass all guests are entitled to.


A general manager like Mr. Salamone who is happy to serve the guests (and put up with the occasional inquisitive child cough Eloise cough)


A general manager who hides in his office, avoiding all confrontation and disrespects all guest complaints.


The GM addressing your concerns in person.


The GM sending a loose letter up to your room by the maintenance man with candy you can’t eat as an “apology”.


Receiving bonus points for inconveniences.


Being told you’ll receive bonus points for inconveniences and hounding the GM because they don’t show up on your account for days.


Checked in Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The hotel does not seem to have any cameras in the hallways or elevator. There is a clear lack of security. The room was not ready even though we checked in after 3:30. We had to wait in the lobby with all of our belongings.

Wednesday - 6/5/19

I told housekeeping to come back later to clean. No one ever came back. The shuttle driver brought towels to the room.

Thursday - 6/6/19

Housekeeping did not come until 4pm. A female and male vacuumed, mopped and changed sheets.

Friday - 6/7/19

Housekeeping didn’t show up. Spoke to Mike, the housekeeping manager, early on. He said Rosie (a housekeeper) would come after she finished down the hall. No one showed up. We came back at 5pm to find no service. We called the front desk and asked for housekeeping. They said they would send someone up. We waited an hour - no show. We called at 6:07pm - the phone at front desk rang at least 50 times, no one picked up. It stopped ringing and went flat. Called back, told a female at front desk (who did not provide her name). She said she would send up someone from housekeeping. Jess, the shuttle driver, came up, and we told her. She called Brittany, a housekeeping inspector, who we explained everything again to. Jess then called Chris (the front end manager) and told him. We also explained that we had called the front desk and the phone range 50 times then went silent. We called back. A female answered after a couple of rings. Chris, the front end manager, apologized and said he would follow up. Brittany, the housekeeping inspector, came back and offered to clean the room. I told her that she did not need to do it, just to bring fresh towels, which she did. Mike, the housekeeping manager, called from home to check-in as Brittany called him to tell him what happened. He said he would come personally tomorrow to take care of the room.

Saturday - 6/8/19

Mike came with Brittany and Arya (a housekeeper) to clean the room themselves. They did a full clean with changing the sheets.

Sunday - 6/9/19

Had to call for housekeeping again. Housekeeping came late after calling. We spoke to Mike again and said he instructed housekeeping to come to the room and clean. He had her bring new towels, a sheet and pillowcase for the sofa bed and vacuum.

Monday 6/10/19

3:00 pm - No housekeeping. We called the front desk. The phone rang 32 times, then went silent. We called back. Again it rang 32 times then went silent. We called back again - rang 12 times and we got disgusted and hung up. Our room phone rang- it was a female from the front desk. We told her that housekeeping still didn’t come (it was 3:20 pm). We requested for room to be serviced. A short time later, we received a call from Mike. We told him again about no service, the fact that there’s no basketball available for the basketball court, and the front desk not picking up the phone. Said he would speak to Chris (front end manager) and Adam (the General Manager) Shortly after, housekeeping came. She was pleasant and efficient. We received a call (from Chris) shortly thereafter to follow up. We confirmed housekeeping had come. He told me that he would address the front desk issue of them not answering the phone. Shortly after that - Terrence, maintenance, came to the door with a letter (not in an envelope) apologizing from the General Manager along with a mug filled with Hershey’s kisses and a small box with chocolate.

Tuesday 6/11/19

We wake up to find a charge of $700 on our card from the hotel without notice. We saw Adam (the GM) and Mike (housekeeping manager) when getting on the elevator. We spoke to Adam about the front desk phone ringing off the hook and that we had left a message with Reagan (front desk). He said he was in a meeting and had not checked in with her. He told us he put points on our Hilton Honors account for the inconveniences. We told him it did not show up. He said it takes 24 hours. He offered a spa treatment or dinner on him for all of the troubles. We were livid about the hotel charging us after a week without notice or receipt. Our account was negative because of it. He told us they charge for the week or $1,000, whichever comes first. He said it was the “policy”. Nowhere did it state that in writing nor were we told this upon checking in. What hotel just charges your card whenever without clarifying when or why they are charging you?!!

Wednesday - 6/12/19

We had to run to the bank to put the money in the account. We saw Adam again. He reminded us to let him know about if we wanted a spa treatment or dinner. We told him we were short on towels. He told us he would have housekeeping bring them up. They never did. We had to tell housekeeping to come back to the room and vacuum and make the bed since they only came to clean the bathroom and leave too few towels.

Thursday - 6/13/19

Housekeeping came. Wowza! Late at night (11:30 pm) we saw a new guest check in earlier but a brown unmarked paper bag was sitting on the floor outside their room in the hallway. We called the front desk and asked them to check it out and take it away. That didn’t make us feel very safe. No one walks the halls to check what’s going on at night nor are there locks on the stairs. They have no accountability of who is in the hotel.

Friday - 6/14/19

Housekeeping came. There were no issues- it’s a miracle!

Saturday - 6/15/19

My mom saw housekeeping when she was leaving (12:20 pm) in the hallway. She told the girl that her daughter was still sleeping and she needed to come back later. She said ok. Housekeeping never showed up. We had a lot of garbage and a pile of dirty towels. Due to the fact that housekeeping did not come, my mom had to take dirty towels and go to the 2nd floor to wash them in the laundry room in the evening. She has a medical condition that is exacerbated by stress and physical labour. By this point, she is in so much pain from simply being a guest at the hotel.

She also emailed Adam (the GM) to clarify she was interested in a gift certificate to the local spa for treatments and massages, following up on his offer. She also communicated that the room was not serviced..again.

Sunday - 6/16/19

Chris (front end manager) called at 2:10 pm to see if we wanted housekeeping. My mom told him that her kids slept late and he could send them up. Brittany (housekeeping inspector) came to take care of the room. No vacuuming was done. It is not Brittany’s job to be a housekeeper. Chris came up while Brittany was here to bring us “treats.” (Water, soda, candy, chips). He told us on the phone as well as when he came to room that he will check with Adam in regards to how many points Adam was going to put on our account. He asked how many points Adam said he would put on and we stated that he did not tell us. At this point, it’s been days since we were promised points but none have showed up.

Monday - 6/17/19

Housekeeping did not come again. We went out and came back to find a day pass from the local Spa Mirbeau along with a bottle of sparkling water. The room was not done. We saw Askrute (a housekeeper) in the hallway and asked if she was assigned to our room. She told us no and the girl that was had left for the day. We asked her for some towels which she was more than accommodating to give. Adam had replied and apologized up the yin-yang. My mom sent an email to Adam explaining a day pass to the spa was NOT what she requested as it does not cover any treatments or massages.

She replied:

Hello Adam:

Thank you for the day pass however any services that I would like, would have to be paid out of my own pocket which I am not interested in since I am already paying the hotel to stay here and I am not receiving the service that is expected and one that you assured me would be taken care of.

On Saturday, there was a sign on the door however it was taken off around noon. So housekeeping had a substantial amount of time to come back and service the room. As a follow up, because they did not come I had to take the dirty towels from the room, go the laundry facility on the 2nd floor in order to wash and dry them so we would have clean towels. This is uncalled for and unacceptable. This additional physical work that I have had to do only makes my medical condition of Fibromyalgia worse. Stress is poison for me as it too makes my condition worse and all I have had since checking in here is stress. I should not have to police your staff to do their job. I picked this hotel because online it represented the high level of accommodations and service expected from a Hilton property.

I just returned to my room (approximately 4 pm) after being out for several hours and once again, my room was not serviced by housekeeping. I was able to speak with Sukrate (apologies for not spelling her name correctly) in order to ask if she was doing my room today.

She told me no so when I asked who was, she told me that the person responsible for my room today had left for the day. I had no intentions of once again going to the laundry facility on the 2nd floor to wash towels. I asked her if she could please give me some towels to use for today and tonight and she was more than accommodating.

I have been told time and time again that this persistent problem would be addressed and resolved. However, it has not been and every time someone tells me that it will be taken care of, it is not.

In regards to the points…you told me last week that it takes approximately 24 hours for my account to reflect the points that you added. It has been 1 week thus far and no points. I am not interested in seeing anything regarding your submission of points..I only want to see the points on my account.

I am not interested in any more “treats” sent up to my room. What I am looking for and rightfully deserve are the points you said you would put on my room PLUS free nights for my current stay to reflect the lack of service.

As I explained to you prior, I have my own business (for 20+ years). If I promised my clients something and didn’t deliver, I would not have clients. Especially when they pay for a service and did not receive it.

Quite honestly, I don’t understand how a company can open a hotel but not be able to run it. It’s like opening a store but not having any merchandise or help for the customers. You have been open 9 months yet these issues are still prevalent. I can understand in the first couple of months, you need to iron out any issues that may arise but 9 months?

My room has a pile of dirty towels along with a lot of garbage which is disgusting looking. I am meticulously clean so imagine how I feel when I look around the room and it has not been serviced by housekeeping.

Additionally, the sheets have not been changed so this needs to be done as well.

I am not looking for empty promises or lip service…I just want what I am entitled to and what I am paying for.

Tuesday - 6/18/19

Adam replied to my mom’s email apologizing again with many excuses.

My mom was going to the laundry room at 11:15am. Ana Maria (a housekeeper) asked if she wanted service. We don’t understand why she is asking as we have been told by Mike and Adam that all staff has been told to service our room no matter who is assigned to it. She told the housekeeper to give her 30 minutes. She took the sign off the door at 11:40 am. She came at 12:22 pm. We had to tell her to change the sheets, vacuum and clean. She left at 12:43 pm. We received an email from Hilton in regards to a survey from customer care when we previously contacted them. Unfortunately, the link did not load and when found, it did not work.

Wednesday - 6/19/19

Mike stopped by to let me know that he spoke to the housekeeper and she would be to my room shortly. We had to ask for toilet paper and paper towels.

Thursday - 6/20/19

We left the hotel for the day. Upon our arrival back, the room was serviced. We received a call from Chris (at 7:15 pm) to tell us that our card did not go through. We told him to run it through again (it worked). We had to ask him the amount. He was not forthcoming. He threw out numbers of $800+ and 1100+. He told us that the last charge ($700) he did not understand why the individual who ran it through did that amount. He told us the amount was $800+ which we then asked him for a receipt. He did not automatically offer to send it to us.

Friday - 6/21/19

Housekeeping came. My mom followed up with Adam.

Dear Adam:

Unfortunately, I have to take time out of my day and work in order to address the many issues that have come up and are still present. This means that I am losing income, which is unacceptable. At this point of my stay, I am livid.

Billing: When I made my reservation online for this hotel, it stated “book now pay later.” “Later” meaning at the end of the stay, not at the end of the week since the reservation is for a month. So imagine my surprise when after a week, my account was charged for the previous week’s stay without my authorization. When I met you coming off the elevator after this occurred and explained this to you, your response was that it is the hotels policy to bill weekly on a long term stay. First, you didn’t define to me what a long term stay consists of. Second, nowhere on the Hilton site did it state this. It specifically stated “book now, pay later.” Additionally, upon checking in this information was not communicated to me verbally or in writing either. You did not offer to provide this information to me either.

The way that you do business is very questionable. As a manger of a property, this would have been part of guest services when a guest questions you about actions that the hotel has taken without my consent. As stated prior, I never agreed to this. I want you to provide me with this policy and where on the Hilton site it is in writing. Until this information is provided to me, I will not be paying you any additional monies.

Additional billing problem: The first charge to my card was not the correct amount, according to Chris. He stated to me on the phone (6/20/19) that he does not know why the person who put the charge through, did it incorrectly. If he does not know then that is another problem. Again, no oversight. There was initially a pending charge of around $735 that dropped and I was charged $700 the first week.

I also had to ask Chris for an invoice as I never received an invoice from the first charge of the first week of my stay. Why should I have to ask? You have taken my money yet you did not provide proof of payment until I requested it. Not a good business practice. As far as staff, perhaps you need to hire new individuals and ensure that they are trained properly. It seems that everyone is just “winging it” in the hopes that things work out. This is not how you run any business, especially one in the hospitality industry.

The experience that I have had up until this point at this hotel has been THE worst experience that I have ever had at any hotel in my life. The 50,000 points that you put onto my Hilton Honors account does not even come close to making up for the continual problems that I have encountered since checking in.

Here is the breakdown:

Checking in: Upon arrival with my family, we had to wait 1+ hours in the lobby with all of our belongings because the room was not ready. We checked in during “check-in time” however we were inconvenienced to start. Also, when checking my reservation the day prior to arriving the account was put in my daughter’s name. She initially did the research but the reservation was to be in my name. Unfortunately, when calling customer service for Hilton, they stated that someone at the hotel changed the name on the account (not them) and that is why it was not in my name. Why are employees at the hotel changing the name on accounts? Customer service did change it back but clearly the hotel still had the wrong information as the email I received for payment was sent to my daughter’s email address. This hotel has no oversight and therefore no one is accountable. I have never seen such poor management of a hotel in my life. On top of that, the individuals at the front desk are clueless.

Sofa bed: No sheets were in the room for the sofa bed so a blanket had to be used in it’s place. Housekeeping did bring me the sheets and pillowcase that I needed when I requested it.

Welcome Basket: I did not even know that I was entitled to a welcome basket (as a long-term stay guest) until Mike had stated that when he checked, it was never given to me so he personally brought it to my room.

Savings Pass: Your hotel is associated with the mall, but I was not given a savings pass upon check in and clearly other guests were not because they asked me about it. You have it posted in the elevators but guests are not mind readers. How would we know to ask the front desk about it, when clearly that is their job to notify and provide it to the guest.

Fitness Center: The televisions that are associated with each exercise bike and treadmill are not usable due to the fact that the ear jack does not work on any of them. Any guest can turn the tv on, but cannot hear it since upon putting in either earbuds or headphones, there is dead air. I am not interested in reading the individual’s lips on the tv in order to know what is going on.

Housekeeping: This has been a nightmare from day 1 as you are aware. Mike has done everything in his power to address and alleviate the problem and continues to monitor the situation on a daily basis. Mike has gone above and beyond to ensure, that as a guest, I am receiving the service that I am paying for and rightfully deserve. Unfortunately, while Mike was away on vacation housekeeping did not come to service the room (not just once) and I was left with a pile of dirty towels. I was forced to take the towels myself to the laundry facility on the 2nd floor in the hotel and do them myself. This is unacceptable. As I stated in a prior email to you, I have fibromyalgia. Any physical hardship AND stress only exacerbates my medical condition. From day 1 my stay has caused me a great deal of stress mentally and physically and continues to do so.

TV: The tv in my room was not working and so I had to call for maintenance to come and fix it. Terrence came and took care of the problem immediately. Unfortunately, the guide on the tv is still incorrect, which is something that Terrence is unable to fix. Terrence has been a wonderful representation of Hilton as he always greets me with a smile and is always helpful with no matter what the request is. He is one in a million.

Wi-Fi: Constantly disconnects. While I am working, the wi-fi disconnects which makes my job that much more difficult since everything is done via the computer. I have to reconnect the wi-fi to my phone and computer several times a day. This is a basic thing yet even this is a problem. This too has been an issue from day 1.

Spa Certificate: If you look at my email that I sent you on June 15, 2019, I referenced the services that I requested in response to your offer. Although you provided me with a guest pass to Spa Mirbeau, you stated you did not know what services I would be interested in. Clearly, you did not read my email from that date. This is very disrespectful.

Compensation: In my previous email dated June 17, 2019, I asked for free nights to make up for the horrible service that I have received. You never even addressed that which I find extremely disrespectful as well.

Front Desk: On a couple of occasions, I have had to call the front desk in regards to the lack of housekeeping service. The first time the phone rang 32 times with no one picking it up. It stopped ringing, the line went silent and then I got disconnected. This has happened on several (4) different times, each ringing 32 times. I was told it was because you are having issues with the phone and the service. Notified Chris about this and he stated that he would speak with the front desk personnel. As a guest, that is not my problem, nor should any of these other issues be my problem. Since checking in, it has been excuse after excuse. This is not how you run a business.

Elevator: For the first week and a half, one of the elevators in the hotel was not working. I was told that the week prior to my arrival, the other elevator was not working. What is the problem there? A few days ago, I went to take the elevator to the second floor for laundry and it bypassed the second floor and brought me to the lobby. I saw Terrence and asked him about it and he told me that there might be something wrong with the sensor but it is being monitored. This doesn’t make me feel very safe.

Cameras: Are there cameras in the hotel? Lobby, hallways and elevator? I have not visibly seen any cameras other than in the pool area. I even asked an employee upon meeting them in the elevator and they told me that they didn’t even know.

Basketball Amenity: Unfortunately, upon checking in my son wanted to use the basketball court but the hotel had no basketball. How do you have a court with no ball? It wasn’t until I complained, something was finally done. Clearly, it is an amenity that is used frequently as I see many people using it throughout the day. They could not have if it wasn’t for my persistence. Additionally, I had to communicate that a sign out sheet should be made in order to keep track of the ball and the guest should give in a license to ensure that the ball gets returned.

Social: The dates on the calendar for the “social” is wrong for the month of June. Also, within 20 minutes of the food provided for the social, it is gone so if you don’t get to the social at 5:00 pm exactly, you are out of luck. The first week staying here, me and my family went down and it was all gone. I was told that the food was eaten so they packed up early…it was 6:00 pm.

Another thing: I had to call the front desk last week due to the fact that there was an unmarked brown paper bag sitting in front of the room directly across from mine that was rolled up. I asked for it be looked at and removed. Someone did come and take it away. Do you not have security walk the halls to ensure every guest’s safety?

I will be in communication with Hilton in regards to every single problem that I have encountered since you have not been able to address nor resolve anything that I have brought to your attention.

The representation of this hotel does not meet, in any way, the level of service that is expected or provided.

I am sending you this email as any communication should be sent to you directly as a first resort. However, since I am not pleased with how this stay has gone, I am asking you to please provide to me your superior and their contact information.

Adam replied with a request to call him, and my mom replied with another request for his superior’s information.

He replied by offering to find another property for us to stay at and by providing the general “Customer Service” phone number for Hilton.


Adam has not made ANY attempt to resolve the MANY issues brought to his attention.

Saturday - 6/22/19

Housekeeping came

Sunday - 6/23/19

Housekeeping came

Monday - 6/24/19

Housekeeping came. A woman came to check to make sure the room was serviced as Mike was off. Adam followed up via email checking in because he hasn’t heard back. He never gave my mom what she requested.

Tuesday - 6/25/19

Adam followed up via email again just checking in. Housekeeping did not come. We had to call the front desk in the early evening for someone to bring up towels, paper towels and toilet paper. Jess (the shuttle driver, remember?!) came to the door with towels and toilet paper. She said she was not told that I needed paper towels. Face palm. I reached out to Hilton on Twitter via DM and their social media team asked for our reservation info after I said the hotel was charging us without notice or receipt PLUS we were experiencing MANY other issues.

I reached out to Hilton on Twitter via DM, because I did not want to humiliate anyone like I am currently forced to do. I just wanted this resolved.


After giving them a brief overview of just ONE issue (they keep charging my mom’s debit card without notice, receipt or permission), they asked for my reservation info which I gave. I never heard from them. The next day, the GM calls my mother and I received a message on Twitter from Hilton stating they contacted the hotel and the girl at the front desk tried to charge us (AGAIN!) but the card was declined.


Firstly, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ISSUE. I told them the hotel was unauthorized to charge us willy nilly and what do they do? Call the hotel and tell them to charge us.. again.

Her card WASN’T declined because they successfully debited the account.. multiple times. I don’t know where that came from.

Secondly, they went ahead and contacted the hotel WITHOUT ME EXPLAINING WHAT HAS TRANSPIRED.



They told me they don’t get involved while I’m staying at a property and that it’s up to the hotel’s management to work with me to resolve anything that comes up. The General Manger kept saying he wanted to assist but did nothing other than send “treats” to the room. And by treats I don’t mean a gift card to the luxurious spa across the street he promised, but rather Hershey kisses and a day pass that pays for no treatments whatsoever.


Wednesday - 6/26/19

Adam woke us up by calling the room at 9am. He wanted to speak with my mom. My mom now feels harassed. We saw housekeeping upon leaving for the day. We asked if she was cleaning my room today, she replied yes. We asked if she was to do our room yesterday, she said yes. So when we asked what happened (as in she never came yesterday) she said that she finished at 11:30am, went to my room at 12:00pm but the do not disturb sign was on the door so she just left. We took the sign off the door shortly after 12:00pm. So basically, she left without servicing our room. We came back after 7:00pm and found 2 bottles of Fiji water on the desk with a note from housekeeping welcoming us to the hotel and thanking my mom for being a Diamond Member. ????????? At this point, we are due to check-out in a few days. Plus, she is not a Diamond Member nor have we received ANY kind of service. My mom emails Adam back:


I am not interested in speaking with you as you have had every opportunity over the last few weeks to discuss the issues that I have brought up several times. You have chosen to disregard and disrespect my communication to you by not answering my questions, not addressing the many many issues as well as not furnishing me with the information that I requested.

In terms of payment, I will pay upon checking out. Even in terms of payment, you have gone ahead and charged my card without notifying me of the amount nor have I been provided with receipts willingly.

I do not want to hear from you via email or phone as your repeated attempts to contact me feels like harassment.

Tuesday - 6/27/19

Housekeeping came. Miracles never cease.

The tl;dr version of my experience living in a Hilton is:

1- Hilton hotels do not provide what you pay for, (like something as basic as housekeeping or useable amenities) let alone anything beyond what’s expected

2- They are not proactive in resolving issues

3- The GM of our hotel is incapable of doing his job, which means they probably hire many unqualified GMs

4- Corporate Hilton doesn’t get involved until your stay is over, leaving management (which is the problem) to deal with (aka ignore) your issues

5- If you want to live out your Eloise dreams, don’t stay at Hilton because there is zero accountability

Your experience at one Hilton should match your experience at any other Hilton properties. Even though (fun fact!) Hilton is a franchise (yes, they all have different owners), the experience should be exactly the same.

Whether you’re staying one night or 30 nights, it really shouldn’t matter.

Housekeeping is so inept that there was a woman who was living in the hotel for two years because of her job and they never serviced her room so the GM told the shuttle driver to clean her room and she became the guest’s personal housekeeper. Even though that wasn’t her job. Even though there are housekeepers available!

People Who Care

I want Hilton to know who is incompetent and deserves punishment, but I also have to highlight the small few who went above and beyond their job to make our stay a good one.

These employees know what five star service is.

Mike, the housekeeping manager is a joyful, efficient manager who checks in every day to see if we got service. Although Mike is the housekeeping manager, he is not responsible for housekeepers lying or saying they did a room when they did not. Or housekeepers just leaving for the day because the DO NOT DISTURB sign was on the door. He does his job, but it’s not his responsibility to do everyone else’s job.

Brittany, the housekeeping inspector who gets stuck with the grunt work because housekeepers aren’t capable of doing their job. She is forced to clean rooms even though it’s not her responsibility.

Jess, the shuttle driver who does everyone’s job when it’s not her responsibility either. She happily cleans rooms, helps with serving food and runs errands in between driving guests around.

Terrence from maintenance is one in a million. He, along with the other employees, will gladly help any guests with nearly anything he can. He always has a smile on his face and doesn’t run away when a question is asked.

All of these employees are overworked and under appreciated.

Adam Gollub, the General Manager of this Hilton, however, is underworked and over appreciated. This is a perfect example of someone not having the skills or expertise needed to promote themselves as a professional in their chosen field.

This hotel also demonstrates how you can look pretty (have a beautiful building or most likely in your case, a website) but if the service isn’t there it doesn’t matter how shiny or gorgeous your business is when you can’t deliver. That’s why I only work with service professionals at the top of their craft.

Hilton- let’s talk.

Everyone else- learn more about what makes me the Concept Concierge™.

Nicole Faith