The Little Diamond Dossier

The Digital Nomad Business Directory has been reimagined as the brand new Little Diamond Dossier. 

In a world full of freelancers, how do you know who’s truly the best?

You look to the solopreneurs who run a five star business. 

They have clear expertise, a defined niche (they don’t just help anyone), packaged services (which makes it easy to buy from them and work with them), authority (they’ve already proved themselves) and unparalleled professionalism.

As service providers, we respect and value stellar service and a job well done. But not everyone shares our work ethic and high standards. Only the top 1% of solo-run businesses make the cut, and they deserve to be celebrated.

Being a member of the Little Diamond Dossier is the ultimate stamp of approval for high-caliber online service businesses.

Membership is meaningful because it says a lot about your business without saying a word. The perks are outstanding as well.

You are cordially invited to be a Founding Member.

There are only 20 spots in each category for the whole world. 

When freelancers become virtuosos in their specific fields, they are easily identifiable by clients seeking out their specific talents.

The Little Diamond Dossier is the ultimate collection of these virtuosos. Are you interested in being celebrated as one of twenty experts in your field?

Nicole Faith