What's a five star business?

Five star businesses boast an internal compass oblivious to the noise and trends of the world. They revel in their own "true north" which is as timeless as their values. This sets them up to be not just memorable but iconic in their industry. You can learn every facet of a five star business here.

I'm working a full-time job right now. Is this something I should do now or after I quit?

Absolutely do not quit until you have a business set up. The time to get your business online and take on clients is now, while you still have a paycheck. Many of my clients hire me to design a business while they work their full-time job during the week and work on their business nights and weekends. The goal is to have a roster of clients and prospective clients by the time you quit to travel. I guarantee your business in 1 week so you can take on clients immediately. It's up to you how much time and effort you put into it. Giving yourself a concrete timeline (like I want to quit in 6 months) is usually helpful.


I already freelance and have some clients. What can you do for me?

There is a stark difference between freelancing and running a business you control. Freelancing usually involves you working for someone else, on their terms. Constantly pitching clients you never hear back from makes you feel like you're spinning your wheels. A business allows you to dictate the kind of work you do, when you do it and who you work with. If you feel all over the place freelancing or are just sick of being "managed" by clients, I'll craft a brand new concept, package your services and refine your process. Finding your niche and a logical service to provide them is Priority #1, because you probably already have a great reputation in your industry. This reverses the sales process, letting you attract the clients who listen to and respect you and your systemized process. By providing a select few services (instead of everything under the sun) you become known for and sought after for that particular thing. No one remembers a generic " Web Copywriter." But they would remember a "Luxury Home Goods E-Commerce Copywriter."


Why do I need to have experience with 5 clients or projects before you work with me?

Even if you work a full-time job, I need to know that you have actually spent some time doing the thing you want a business built around. Having experience (as minimal or informal as that may be) lets me discover what you like and dislike about clients, your process, scheduling etc.. It's impossible for me to build a business around something you have never done before. It would be like the blind leading the blind. This experience can be as simple as what you already work on at your job or "coaching" your friends. It doesn't make sense to invest your money into an idea you had randomly one day that you haven't pursued. When you schedule your Concept Concierge appointment, I need to know you are comfortable and skilled in the business I'm about to build for you. I want you to succeed as much (if not more!) as you do, so by implementing this threshold I can quickly weed out the people who aren't serious about starting a professional business.


Do I need to know what I want my business to be?

You need an idea and a target audience. Know where your expertise and interests lies. You don't need every detail planned out, but please understand the lay of the land in your space. For example, I can't help you if you come to me wanting to be a health coach but you haven't researched other health coaches and don't know the first thing about your ideal client. I do most of the work, so all I ask is that you're confident in your knowledge of both your craft and industry.

How does a Concept Concierge appointment work?

We meet for 2 hours online. It consists of me asking you a lot of questions that bring out the core concept of your business. I recap everything at the end so I know we're both on the same page and then I craft the first draft of your website in 72 hours!

How does The Tycoon's Box work?

Once you have seen the first draft of your website and are happy with the concept, you can move forward and have the entire business crafted in 1 week. You choose the week that works best for you, based on my availability.

How does Business With A Bow™ work?

Once you enter the vault, browse the available businesses. See one you like? Submit an application and schedule a virtual walk-through with me. We'll talk about your goals and if the chosen business can get you there. If it's a perfect fit, I'll polish the business in 1 week. You choose the week that works best for you, based on my availability.


Can I use your methodology to design my own business?

Absolutely! You can enroll in my Flagship Course, Jet Set Business Prep™,  to craft every facet of your business from concept to creation in just 5 weeks. You'll package your services to perfection, design a sophisticated website on Squarespace, fashion a polished Media Kit, learn how to get free press and more.

Who did ____________ on your website?

I did. I designed, crafted and wrote every element of my website. Imagine what I could do for you.