Web Design For Astrologers

If you’re an astrologer, you need a modern, polished website.

Most astrology websites look like they were built in the 90s and left to rot. It saddens me to think you’re making a sub-par first impression online simply because you never got around to updating your site.

Or worse, you’re trying to start a business without one.

Leave the Comic Sans, flashing backgrounds and tacky auto-playing music behind.

10 Carat Creations works exclusively with high-end service professionals. As the Concept Concierge™, I conceptualize upscale businesses from the drawing board to debut.

Astrologers are lucky- you can work from anywhere! This means your website should not only be working overtime to showcase your services but also allow clients to schedule and pay for them.

If you’re making it hard for your clients to buy your coveted expertise, they will go somewhere else.

It can be difficult to make a living as an astrologer if your calendar isn’t booked. You can charge more when you have the experience and a high-end website. A luxury website conveys your sense of worth immediately and gives the visual cues that you live in excellence. Clients pay more for unparalleled service- that begins with a gorgeous website.

You have two options for an astrology website:

  1. Have a Bespoke Business (website & more) crafted in 1 week.

  2. Have your website crafted in just two hours.

Which are you most interested in?

Nicole Faith