The Story

Location independence is possible for so many people, they just don't realize it yet. I, Nicole, was one of them.


At age 14, I had my life mapped out. Don't we all?! I was going to go to NYU, get a job in fashion and be a top fashion journalist. Writing has always come naturally for me, and I adored it.

And so the story goes.. I went to NYU. I interned at 4 different prestigious fashion companies. I worked at NYU's Wasserman Center for Career Development. I graduated with my degree in Media, Culture and Communication as an Honors Scholar.

And then... I didn't want to be a fashionista in the traditional sense anymore. I had a quarter-life crisis at age 21. But I was desperate to remain a New Yorker and couldn't imagine living or working anywhere else. New York was my home since birth, and my world revolved around it.

Fate was kind, and I eventually joined the award-winning team at Squarespace where my tech skills were put to the test.

I took advantage of the opportunity to learn as much as I could while empowering thousands of customers to build their most beautiful online presence. As the company grew at an astounding rate, I became an inaugurating member of the Commerce Specialist team that only worked with individuals selling their service or product online.

These interactions excited me, especially when I met one on one with entrepreneurs in person who won a coveted spot at the workshops I taught.

Here's an unexpected fun fact: I worked remote 75% of my time at Squarespace. I started my location independent journey without even knowing it! After three years with the company, it was time to fly on my own.

I began offering freelance web design and education services informally but soon saw that freelancing was not easy or sustainable. I was competing for cheap work I didn't even want, dealing with clients who didn't respect my expertise and just tearing my hair out.

I thought there had to be a better way.

I was way more qualified than the other freelancers and could do things they couldn't.

I could see the big picture and felt my work was more valuable than a hourly rate could put a price on. Once I realized I had to stop marketing myself as a freelancer, I turned my own values into what I call a "five star business" that rises above freelancers pushing services with little more than a list of what they could do on their website.

Five star businesses are respected and command premium prices.

The freedom that comes with having an online service business is priceless, but it can be a long winding road to get there in tact.

Exploring the world while working with clients shouldn't be a dream when it can be your reality.

The natural progression is to work a job, freelance on the side or quit to freelance full-time. But freelancing has become a dirty word. Freelancers are seen as disposable and produce iffy quality work. Anyone can call themselves a freelancer. Sophisticated solopreneurs, on the other hand, command attention and top dollar.

10 Carat Creations was born to give you the boost you need when it's your time to fly.

Turning your five star service into a five star business is my bread and butter. I value great service myself, and therefore only work with solopreneurs at the top of their game. Virtually unheard of in any industry, I craft your business strategy, branding, design and copy in only 1 week. Because the sooner you can get back to being the best in your industry, the better.