"Nicole is a brilliant creative, who is well versed in Squarespace. Great to have someone like Nicole with the intimate insight and knowledge of the platform as a resource."

- Ian ChristopherScott River Lodge

"I've been working with Nicole for the past few months and the experience has been amazing. Her unlimited knowledge in reference to Squarespace is unbelievable. I highly recommend anyone who wants to build a new beautiful website to work with her."

- John Brown, World Renowned 5 Time (!) Champion Bodybuilder

"Nicole is extremely professional and takes a lot of pride in her work. More importantly, she takes pride in the process which she does a very good job of keeping her clients on task of. (Be prepared, you will have to make decisions as you go along the process with her - she works efficiently and quickly!) I was a total novice to the web design world, so I needed a lot of explanation about how things were done and the time it takes to do certain things - it's not always obvious when you are just looking at the final product. Nicole even made me a bunch of instructional videos so I can make changes to my website myself. Wow, that alone is huge. A lot of my business colleagues have nightmare stories about web designers who made it impossible to make changes when they were done, charging them a lot of money and making it difficult for the clients to even log into the site to try and tinker. Nicole wanted me to be able to make edits myself and I now have a beautiful website that I have already been able to tinker with as I gained new listings or had a new idea for the site. I highly recommend Nicole."

- Brynn Rovito, Property Manager

"I am in love with my website! Nicole did everything from design to graphics to copy and I literally could not have asked for a better experience. She took my business information and ran with it to create a unique, one of a kind website and client process that has everyone talking."

- Ilene Miller, Educational Professional

"I never thought getting a website would be so quick and easy! Within days I had an incredibly professional website, a great domain name, and matching business cards. Nicole has an amazingly deep knowledge of Squarespace and excellent business sense. I'd recommend her services to anyone."

- Ryan Chamberlain, Musician

"Nicole was amazing. She got the work finished more quickly than I ever thought possible and responded promptly to all communication."

- Anita, Science Delights

“Nicole was awesome at taking my studies and passions and cultivating a cohesive angle to market myself. Having a website to put on my resume makes me feel confident I will stand head and shoulders above my competition when I graduate and look for a job. She taught me the importance of building a web presence before you need it because not only do I look suave online but I feel more professional because of it. Interviews here I come!"

- Kyle Viola, NYU Student