About 10 Carat Creations


The Nail Salon That Started It All

My first upscale service experience was at Dashing Diva, a Manhattan nail salon where I celebrated my 14th birthday. All I wanted to do was get my nails done in their pink chairs against a glimmering tiled wall while an upbeat manicurist treated me like a princess. I planned the outing for weeks. Unlike the other salons I had frequented over the years, the employees at Dashing Diva smiled at me, made me feel special and did an amazing job on my feet and nails. They rubbed, scrubbed and buffed until my nails were absolute perfection. They were so precise and accommodating. Additionally, the salon was immaculately clean.

My favorite part? They hand walked me to the sink after filling and cuticle nipping to wash my hands before applying lotion. They quite literally held my hand as we walked to the sink.

Now that’s high-end service.

The price was high-end too. But luckily being a teenager of little means, I left the bill to my family.

There began my admiration and respect for upscale service businesses.

There is a silent agreement between high-end service business owners and high-end clients. It’s one of mutual respect.


Unparalleled service requires an intimate human touch that can’t be replicated by apps or machines. That’s what I value.

You have to communicate to your discerning clients that you are on their level through visual and emotional cues.

That is why I named my business 10 Carat Creations, and not 1 Carat Creations. 


I work with highly skilled solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.
Every industry has a select few distinct professionals with an unrivaled reputation- are you one of them?