What's a five star business?

Five star businesses boast an internal compass oblivious to the noise and trends of the world. They revel in their own "true north" which is as timeless as their values. This sets them up to be not just memorable but iconic in their industry. You can learn every facet of a five star business here.

I’m just starting my service business- what do you recommend?

If you’re dipping your toes into a business and just want an online presence so you’re not a ghost on Google, schedule an appointment for a $1010 Two Hour Website.

If you’re investing your time and money into setting up a sustainable, long-term business, schedule an Atelier Appraisal™ to discuss your vision and how I can bring it to life.

What size businesses do you work with?

I work with solopreneurs or entrepreneurs with a small team, like small business owners. As a solopreneur myself, I understand what’s involved in running a business on your own. I don’t work with businesses who have hundreds of employees or corporations.

I want to be location independent. Can you build my online business?

Absolutely. Location independent means being able to work from anywhere. When you travel a lot, it’s crucial to have the ability to work with clients no matter which beach or slope you're relaxing on. If you offer a service that can be done online (like accounting, editing, consulting..) I will craft a fully-online business by request. It’s my bread and butter, really! I’m location independent myself and take every chance to transition other entrepreneurs into the “work from anywhere” lifestyle.

How tech-savvy do I need to be?

Not very. If tech is your thing- great! You’ll probably be eager to be more hands-on. If sending an email is your biggest tech victory- that’s okay too. I speak in “plain English” so you understand the most important bits. Honestly, the “tech” is my job and I don’t expect you to be fluent in it. You have more pressing matters to attend to- your business!

Can I give you my logo/branding assets to use?

Only if I feel they are representative of your elevated business. Sometimes, we grow so attached to our existing logo that it’s hard to see when it isn’t serving your business. If your “style” doesn’t align with your new vision and website, your business will look even more disjointed. I always share my professional opinion with clients when it comes to using existing imagery, logos, and graphics.

Usually, the best thing you can do is start fresh.

Who did ____________ on your website?

I did. I designed, crafted and wrote every element of my website. Imagine what I could do for you.

What are you most intrigued by?