• MOO - I order all my business cards and clients’ cards from MOO. Their gold foil is so luxurious I always have people compliment the cards I designed. Take 25% off your first order when you use my referral link.

  • Victor - Flying private never felt so good! Book a private jet with Victor as easily as you book an Uber. Search their empty legs for discounted flights and take comfort in their 24/7 on-call team.

  • TunnelBear - Secure your online privacy with a VPN so strangers can’t tap into your web traffic. If you work on public wifi networks even sometimes, a VPN is well worth the investment for peace of mind. I love TunnelBear because it’s easy use and the bear is so cute!

  • DuckDuckGo- Keep your search private. I am in love with DuckDuckGo. It’s my default search engine on my computer and phone because they don’t track you. Although ranking in Google as a business is important (most people Google everything), you don’t need to use Google as your main search engine if privacy is a concern. I enjoy supporting companies who rally around our right to privacy.